The BC Bioenergy Strategy - Highlights

Bioenergy Cycle
  • The BC Bioenergy Strategy will help British Columbia reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen our long-term competitiveness and electricity self-sufficiency.
  • Bioenergy is absolutely critical to achieving B.C.'s climate goals and economic objectives. It turns the challenges of the mountain pine beetle infestation into new opportunities and looks to future bioenergy technologies.
  • This strategy directly supports the commitments made in the BC Energy Plan and is a key contributor to helping our partners in the Western Climate Initiative achieve their emission reduction goals.
  • Building Opportunities for Rural British Columbia

    British Columbia's bioenergy assets include top researchers, innovative companies, committed partners, forward-thinking communities, and half of the entire country's biomass electricity-generating capacity.
  • Establish $25 million in funding for a provincial Bioenergy Network for greater investment and innovation in B.C. bioenergy projects and technologies.
  • Establish funding to advance provincial biodiesel production with up to $10 million over three years.
  • Issue a two-part Bioenergy Call for Power, focusing on existing biomass inventory in the forest industry.
  • Bioenergy Cycle

    Benefits for British Columbians

    Bioenergy Cycle
  • We will aim for B.C biofuel production to meet 50 per cent or more of the province's renewable fuel requirements by 2020, which supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.
  • We will develop at least 10 community energy projects that convert local biomass into energy by 2020.
  • We will establish one of Canada's most comprehensive provincial biomass inventories that creates waste to energy opportunities.
  • Developing Our Bioenergy Resources

    British Columbia is world-renowned for its plentiful natural resources and strong environmental values. Through the BC Bioenergy Strategy, British Columbia will take its proven track record one step further. We will develop the province's bioenergy resources to enhance both the environmental and economic benefits for the people who live here.
    Next steps include:
  • Collaborate with the Western Climate Initiative and the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region.
  • Create First Nations bioenergy opportunities.
  • Require methane capture from our largest landfills.
  • Utilize waste wood from phased-out beehive burners to produce clean energy.
  • Provide energy providers with information to develop new opportunities.
  • Support wood gasification research, development and commercialization.
  • Bioenergy Cycle

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